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Farmer John once lived on a quiet rural highway but in time  traffic got heavier and faster there.  So fast that he was losing 3 to 6 free range chickens a week.  He called the police to complain saying, "can't  you do anything to slow down the traffic  at  his place as he was losing chickens to fast drivers.  The policeman said, "I will have the council erect a slow down sign by your place."  

Three days later the farmer called the police again saying, " the sign did not help and if he could put up his own sign."   The policeman to get him off his back said, "sure go ahead."  The phone calls to the police stopped and curiosity got the best of the policeman so he called the farmer to ask him if he had put up his sign.  The farmer stated , "Yes he had and he hasn't lost a chicken yet."  The policeman got very curious then and thought he better go out there to look at the sign.  He also thought maybe it would be a sign they could use elsewhere to slow drivers down.  When he seen the sign his jaw dropped.

                                                        NUDIST COLONY

                                            " SLOW DOWN   WATCH OUT FOR CHICKS,'


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